Fishnet Cinema was created by comedienne, writer and intersectional feminist Jourdain Searles. She wanted to create a film review site written entire by women and femmes. This sites aims to be inclusive of all female-identifying individuals with a love for film, television, animation and other forms of media. The aim is to create a platform that engages deeply with the intersectional nature of feminism, allowing for nuanced media critique that considers the way race, gender and class can shape media interpretations.

Right now it’s a grassroots effort with a handful of writers and editors that have been kind enough to help Fishnet grow. We are in need of even more writers, editors and creative minds in general to assist the site in reaching it’s full potential.

Jourdain Searles is also the host of The Shady Lady Podcast, which patrons are able to support jointly with Fishnet Cinema through Patreon.



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