Write for Us



Hello writers!

Fishnet Cinema wants your submissions!

Our one big must is that the content on this site have a primary focus on women. So when you’re pitching, just keep that in mind. Also: We are only looking for pitches from women and femmes. Though it should go without saying, I would like to stress that trans, genderqueer and non-binary folks are included under this umbrella as long as they identify as a woman or as femme.

Email fishnetcinema@gmail.com with a subject line that includes the film/television show you would like to cover and the word “pitch”.

Within your pitch, let me know:

  • Why you want to cover the film/show
  • If it will be a standard review, analytical piece or something different
  • What your take on the film/show is
  • Also: If it’s your first time pitching to me, send me a writing sample (it just has to be nonfiction and analytical)

Fishnet Cinema is not currently at a financial place where we can pay writers. Hopefully as the website gains support, this will change!

Thank you so much for your interest in Fishnet Cinema!

We will respond as fast as we can!