3 New Patrons, and Accountability

Every day when I log onto this site to work on a draft or just do some site maintenance, I’m shocked by the sheer number of unfinished posts I have in my drafts. A lot of it has to do with my brain running a mile a minute and the constant influx of new media that is constantly being added in theaters, network TV and an increasing number of streaming platforms.

The great thing about running a blog, and not a fancy website with demands and expectations from a larger public, is that I can basically write about whatever I want. No one expects me to cover any one specific thing. It’s freeing, but it also means that it’s much harder to hold myself accountable for finishing what I start. I start writing pieces based on my interests, and when I get distracted or my interests change, I tend to abandon pieces even when they’re almost done.

And it isn’t all just a wild attention span and a surplus of media… It’s also the fact that I went to school to make my own media. I went and learned how to write for film, television and stage. And sometimes in the midsts of all these reviews and analysis I remember that I still want to create media of my own and I worry that every second my time is running out to do that.

Basically, in all my time fretting about the world passing me by… I’m letting it because I can’t calm down and finish things one at a time.

So as my 25th birthday approaches, I’m going to think more about slowing down and letting myself off the hook. Thank you to my patrons! You all help make that possible for me with your generosity and support of my artistic output.

And a special thank you to my new patrons: Yasmine Cadet, Joshua Zlochower and Donald Borenstein!



  1. This captures a lot of what I’ve been feeling with my writing as well. We want to consume more media and follow our fluctuating interests but that doesn’t leave much time to write. It’s especially hard when you’ve committed to a larger project and have to do a lot of research for it (I’m in that position right now). But if we’re confident in ourselves and work toward our goals I think we can make positive change.


  2. After this month’s billing cycle i’m planning on possibly becoming one of your Patreons myself, I might even spring for the 30 dollar reward tier(thinking about requesting a review on American Crime Story, i’m especially curious to hear your thoughts on OJ, whom I believe is innocent after reading numerous books on him)


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